In recent years, major advances have been made in the detection and treatment of diseases. These developments would not have been possible without medical research.

Hirslanden is committed to supporting ongoing research so that new information is obtained that will help us improve our understanding and treatment of diseases. To conduct such research, doctors require medical data and biological material (samples) from both healthy and sick people.

According to Swiss law, we are permitted to use patient data and samples if the patient has provided written consent. When you are admitted to the hospital you will therefore be asked whether you will make your data from routine examinations available for research purposes. You will receive an information sheet about this process as well as a declaration of consent (general consent) to sign.

By giving your consent, you will be making a contribution towards the advancement of medicine.
Thank you for your support.

Have you changed your mind?
A decision you have already made can be revoked at any time. Please inform us in writing if you wish to withdraw your consent. To do so, please contact the hospital where you were treated.