Pregnancy, the birth of your baby and the first weeks as a family are exciting and very intense. Every mother and every couple has different needs and it is different things that delight or worry them. We at the Klinik Im Park are here to assist you and will do everything we can to ensure your well-being and comfort.

Every year, more than 500 babies see the light of day in our «Woman-Mother-Child» maternity unit. You can rely on us from the very beginning to provide personalised, holistic and family-oriented one-on-one care that takes account of your own needs and those of your newborn baby. Whether you give birth naturally or by caesarean section - our experienced team of midwives, doctors and nurses will be your partners and will accompany you on your journey.

In our information event for expectant parents we present our birth department online. Your questions will be answered and you will get a comprehensive insight. Learn more about it.

Maternity Unit Klinik Im Park
Seestrasse 220
8027 Zürich
+41 44 209 22 26

Our maternity unit

We offer a modern infrastructure and at the same time a safe and secure atmosphere

Our hospital offers a modern infrastructure with the latest medical facilities while still creating a warm and safe atmosphere. We offer an ideal setting for your birth and the first time with your baby. Our hospital is located in a beautiful setting in the city of Zurich and is very easy to reach by public transport and car. Here is the route map.

Capture your baby's first special moments with a professional photo shoot. We will be happy to organise an appointment for you. With your permission, we will be happy to post a photo of your child on our Baby Gallery.

Klinik Im Park Zurich – one of the first hospitals of the Hirslanden Group

Klinik Im Park Zurich was one of the first four hospitals to join forces with Klinik Hirslanden Zurich in 1990 to form Switzerland's first private hospital group. The Hirslanden Group comprises 10 maternity hospitals with a total of 29 birthing rooms throughout Switzerland. Every year, around 7.000 babies are born in the Hirslanden hospitals. You can find more information about wanting children, pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period online at Hirslanden Baby.

Impressions of our maternity unit