About us

The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group operates 16 hospitals, many of which have an integrated outpatient centre and emergency department, as well as four outpatient clinics, fourteen radiology institutes and four radiotherapy institutes. It is the largest medical network in Switzerland.

The Hirslanden hospitals in keywords

  • System providers
  • First-class medical quality
  • Interlinked specialised institutes and centres of expertise
  • Leader in the field of technology
  • Competent nursing in pleasant surroundings
  • Each hospital with its own character
  • Highly qualified medical specialists with many years' experience

The well-beeing of our patients

The medical and commercial success of our private hospital group has not come about by chance. It is founded on hard work and a constant striving to improve on current achievements. Some 8 750 employees and colleagues come to work each day with a high degree of personal commitment to the well-being of our patients.

We are ready for whatever the future may bring, and we shall continue to pursue our prime goal unswervingly: that of providing quality leadership in the acute clinic sector.