To give our readers the chance to get to know more about the people involved in the day-to-day life of our hospital, we are starting a series of interviews called "3 questions to".

We will regularly invite a member of staff to take part and share with you a professional experience, a perspective or a practical tip. The interviews will be direct and to the point to give you an insight into the jobs that exist within the hospital. We hope you find it interesting !

1. What is the first thing you do when you get to work ?

There is no such thing as a typical morning because every day is different. But I do always check that my consultations and meetings are all scheduled correctly. I also take a moment to deal with my emails, because I don't get the chance to do that once the day gets going. And, of course, to get the day off to a good start, I pop by the cafe to pick up a coffee !

2. What would you say to a student who wanted to follow the same career path as you ?

I would tell all students to bear in mind that their studies may not lead them to where they imagine being in a few years' time. So I would advise them that when it comes to making choices and deciding on a path, they should be flexible in terms of their career and ready to seize opportunities. Choosing to become a doctor means many long years of study but you have to hold on in there because it is a job that offers a lot of very interesting opportunities, and I am speaking from experience ! As in any profession, it is variety and new challenges that make a career exciting.

3. How does your work affect your day-to-day life in specific ways ?

I think that all jobs shape who we are to a certain extent. Working in healthcare, we are often witnesses to patients' lives and share events in quite an intense way. Even if you get used to it over time, you don't stay unaffected.

Dr Eric Gerstel
Hospital Manager of Clinique La Colline, General internal medicine specialist
Dr Eric Gerstel