Foyer Handicap has been working with Clinique La Colline for many years.

This organisation works to help people with a physical handicap to integrate fully into society. The organisation has more than 5 sites, 280 staff and 8 workshops offering services in embroidery, design and communication, catering and food, training, transport, gardening, packaging and assistive devices. All these services are grouped under the fh brand.

Foyer Handicap Blouses médecins Clinique La Colline

« We offer a huge range of professional expertise and enable our staff with disabilities to enjoy ideal working conditions with support suited to their needs, » says Mathieu Ponnelle, the organisation's Company Director. « We are all members of staff. The quality of our services actively contributes to the local economy. Above all, it is a wonderful human adventure. »

More than 150 items are regularly sent to Foyer Handicap's digital embroidery workshops, including our doctors' coats and the polo shirts worn by our various specialists such as our physiotherapists: they have all been embroidered in Geneva at a workshop in Petit-Lancy. 

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