Between 17 May and 9 September, Clinique La Colline invites you to its temporary exhibition of photos taken at the surgery centre in Kaya in Burkina Faso by press photographer Chantal Dervey. Find out about Morija and its humanitarian project in Burkina Faso.


Photo exhibition

Date : 17 May to 9 September 2016

Opening times : Monday to Friday 06:45 to 20:00 and Saturday 06:45 to 12:00. Closed Sundays.

Place : Clinique La Colline, walkway

Access : Avenue de la Roseraie 76A, 6th floor or Avenue de Beau-Séjour 6, ground floor

Morija is a humanitarian organisation that works in the poorest regions of the world in five fields: health, nutrition, water-sanitation-hygiene, education and rural development.

Clinique La Colline shares a concern for the organisation's causes and supports Morija and its Centre for the Handicapped in Burkina Faso, which seeks to support those with physical disabilities.

Founded in the 1992, the Centre for the Handicapped of Kaya (CHK) offers physiotherapy treatments and various orthopaedic devices. Since 2010 and thanks, among other things, to the donation made by Clinique La Colline from its operating unit, the Centre is also able to offer orthopaedic surgery to its patients.

Employing 21 Burkinabés and Africans, the CHK is one of the best centres in the country for functional rehabilitation and can treat:

  • approximately 500 patients annually with physiotherapy sessions
  • 200 patients with orthopaedic devices and
  • 125 patients with orthopaedic surgical procedures

These figures appear impressive but unfortunately only represent a small proportion of the patients needing care since there are more than 1 million Burkinabés with a physical disability.

Causes of disability

  • Lack of vaccinations
  • Complications of pregnancy and congenital defects
  • Consequences of disease
  • Lack of diagnosis and early treatment
  • Infections and untreated diseases
  • Accidents and injuries

The major cause: poverty


In Africa, disabled people still have a precarious status. More than three quarters of those with a disability receive no education.

More than half of those with a disability have no job and three quarters of children are not in school.

In these circumstances, physiotherapy and orthopaedic surgery are vital solutions.

Every year, one of our doctors takes part in surgical operations at the Kaya centre, accompanied by one or more nurses from Clinique La Colline. 

Since 2010, with 2 humanitarians trips of 15 days a year, Dr. Dominique Hügli has been able to transform the lives of some 700 people with disabilities in Burkina Faso.