We often have preconceived ideas about nutrition and the good and bad properties of certain foods. But what do we really know about calories ? Our dietician has prepared a Nutrition Quiz for you.

Every fortnight throughout the summer, you will find a different statement with an explanation on our social media platforms.

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Quiz fruits La Colline

1. Fruit makes an ideal snack that you should always have to hand in summer.    

TRUE/FALSE. It all depends on what you eat at mealtimes: if you are already eating lots of raw vegetables and fruit with your meals, it is naturally sensible to avoid having more as a snack so as to go easy on your intestines and to limit your consumption of fruit-based sugars.

Quiz eau La Colline

2. Drinking water helps you lose weight.    

FALSE. Whether or not you are on a diet, it is, of course, important to drink enough (1.5 litres a day if possible) so that your kidneys work properly and you can get rid of waste through your urine. But that doesn't make you lose weight !

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Stéphanie Barlet diététicienne
Stéphanie Barlet