Hirslanden Clinique La Colline is proud to support "ALPI Training", the new training app for endurance sports.

What is the objective of ALPI Training? 

ALPI Training is an application that uses artificial intelligence to offer users of all levels tailor-made training advice.

The objective of ALPI Training is to avoid over-training, poor quality training and the risk of injury.

Like a personal trainer, the app identifies precisely what's right for you.

Who developed this app? 

Jonas Darbellay and Maxime Grenot, co-founders, work closely with Dr. Grégory Ornon, one of their first partners for the development of the application.

They met at the Sports Medicine Centre of Hirslanden Clinique La Colline in Geneva, where they are used to working closely together as physical trainers, physiotherapists and sports doctors respectively.

Thanks to their medical knowledge and their daily work with high-level professional athletes, they chose to develop an application, in order to benefit amateur and experienced athletes from their expertise. 

Our strength is to have managed to develop an algorithm that allows us to adapt to everyone,  according to the level of endurance (from beginner to elite) and objectives. Depending on the time and training history, the programs will be different and adapted from one person to another. 

Jonas Darbellay, CEO of ALPI Training

Elite athlete or amateur?

As you can see, this application offers you, thanks to AI, tailor-made training advice, regardless of your level.

For which sports is the app suitable? 

The app is particularly suitable for running, trail running and cycling, but also for other practices such as yoga, muscle strengthening or injury prevention.

Are you injured? 

If this is the case, the application takes into account your current state and adapts in order to get you started with a recovery workout.

What technology is behind ALPI Training?

The ALPI Training team turned to the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), a guarantee of a high level of excellence, to develop the application.

"Squarefactory", an EPFL spin-off, was responsible for the development and maintenance of the algorithm behind ALPI Training.

We are happy to announce that the application is available since Tuesday, April 25, 2023!

Logo - Alpi Training

Jonas Darbellay

CEO - ALPI Training