On 28 October, the organisations Colis du Coeur and Partage opened a new sorting centre in Carouge.

In honour of the occasion, Hirslanden Clinique La Colline donated more than 70 litres of soup for the 300 guests present. Award-winning chefs Claude Legras, winner of the 1991 MOF chef of the year award and head chef at 2* Michelin restaurant Le Floris, Saverio Sbaragli, chef at Hôtel des Bergues, Christophe Langui, pastry chef, Châteauvieux delicatessen, Marc Cheveau, chef, caterer Regeservice and Marc Galland, restaurant chef at Clinique La Colline and his kitchen team, served a soup that they themselves had created.

This glimpse of the stars is not to forget the soup regularly made by the organisation from collected surplus vegetables.

The organisation Partage collects unsold produce from supermarkets so that it can be redistributed to 56 organisations across the canton of Geneva that works to support the most deprived.

For the last 10 years, the organisation has been collecting over 3.5 tonnes of food and hygiene products a day for redistribution. To sort and store this produce, Partage has joined forces with Colis du Coeur, its main recipient.

The 882 tonnes of produce redistributed last year also enabled Colis du Coeur to employ people looking for work and help them rejoin the workforce.

It is thanks to the municipality of Carouge, the canton of Geneva and various donors and companies that these organisations are able to survive.

We are happy to have been able to take part in this philanthropic occasion.


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