A review of your personal insurance coverage is certainly worthwhile as it affects and facilitates your hospital stay. It can be divided roughly into two categories: accident and health insurance. Semi-private or private supplementary insurance can be taken out for both categories and will cover the full range of services.

Basic health insurance

An illness is defined as any impairment of physical or mental health that is not caused by an accident, requires medical examination or treatment, or results in an inability to work.

Basic health insurance has been mandatory for all Swiss residents since 1 January 1996. The benefits are clearly defined in the Health Insurance Act (KVG).

Basic health insurance covers medical services provided in the canton of residence of the insured person (less any franchise/deductible). Exceptions are made if the insured person requires medical services not provided in the canton of residence (complex procedures such as organ transplants, etc.) or needs emergency treatment outside the canton of residence. In these cases, medical treatment is covered.

For many individuals, however, hospital services provided under basic health insurance are not optimal. The idea of sharing a multi-bed hospital room, being treated by the doctor on duty – not the doctor of their choice – and having no easy access to the required medical care or institution is pivotal in their decision to take out supplementary insurance.

Supplementary insurance

In order to take advantage of additional services beyond the basic health coverage, it pays to take out a semi-private or private supplementary insurance. The comprehensive services of our private clinics and affiliated doctors are available to patients with supplementary insurance, both in the event of illness or accident. This provides a broad range of benefits.

  • Free choice of clinic in Switzerland
  • Faster access to medical care
  • Free choice of specialist doctors
  • Your trusted doctor – from start to finish
  • Premium care
  • Premium hospitality
  • Further amenities

These additional services and benefits may be covered by hospital insurance (semi-private/private).

In addition to classic supplementary hospital insurance, some insurers offer product variations that can drastically restrict services and options. It is therefore important to inform yourself fully before completing a contract. Many insurers place conditions on returning to conventional products at a later date.

Free choice of clinic in Switzerland

As a patient with supplementary insurance, you benefit from a free choice of clinic in Switzerland. You also have the opportunity to be treated by experienced specialists in our centres of excellence. We are represented throughout Switzerland with 17 clinics and approximately 100 specialist centres and institutes.

Faster access to medical care

Semi-private or private supplementary insurance enables quick and uncomplicated access to medical care.

The clinics of Hirslanden Private Hospital Group guarantee Hirslanden Healthline members simplified access to the Hirslanden network.

Free choice of specialist doctors

Most of our physicians who perform medical treatments in our clinics also have their own private practice. They are specialists in their field. Patients can be confident that they will be treated by expert and experienced doctors. The doctor may be selected from a larger number of specialists at the Hirslanden clinics. Perhaps the patient already knows a certain doctor, or has been recommended one. Each clinic provides a list of accredited doctors on its website.

Your trusted doctor - from start to finish

The physician chosen by the patient is in charge of all treatment and investigations before admission and during their stay at the clinic, and for subsequent check-ups or treatment. The patient is already familiar with ‘their’ doctor at the time of admission to the clinic. This relationship based on trust is often of crucial importance to both patients and their relatives, especially in the difficult course of a disease.

All doctors working at our clinics maintain close contact with their colleagues in and outside the clinic. If necessary, other specialists may be summoned for treatment or assessment. The consulting specialists are informed of the comprehensive medical history and all relevant details of the case. The experts are therefore prepared and available immediately, if required. Naturally, our doctors undertake intensive and continuous further study.

Premium Care

Unsere Klinken unternehmen alles, um den Patienten ein Gefühl von Geborgenheit, Sicherheit und Entspannung zu vermitteln. Besonderen Wert legen wir dabei auf eine individuelle Betreuung durch qualifiziertes Personal. Als Patient werden Sie einfühlsam, kompetent und ganzheitlich gepflegt. Eine enge Zusammenarbeit zwischen Pflege und behandelndem Arzt ist gewiss und in allen unseren Kliniken etabliert.

Premium Hospitality

Through the supplementary insurance, a single room (private insurance) or a twin room (semi-private) are available to the patient. This, coupled with modern facilities and in many cases beautiful views, is an ideal environment for recovery. The hospitality includes other services: catering is, of course, adapted to the patient’s health and wishes. A patient with supplementary insurance enjoys a preferred catering selection, often with an à la carte menu. All types of diet are carefully prepared in the clinic’s kitchen under the expert supervision of a nutritionist.

Our room service is also very popular – patients and visitors can enjoy a drink or snack served in their room at any time. If space permits, family members may stay overnight in a patient’s room.

Further amenities

  • Simplified administrative procedure for application and admission to the clinic
  • Preferential treatment, such as a say in daily routines and involvement in the treatment plan
  • Broader range of personal hygiene and nursing care services
  • Personal patient care
  • Selection of daily newspapers, drinks, toiletries, etc.
  • Organisation of medical treatment after discharge
  • Flexible visiting hours
  • Private patients also benefit from Hirslanden Privé’s exclusive additional services

Accident insurance

An accident is defined as any damaging, sudden and involuntary injury caused to the human body by an extraordinary external cause, resulting in an impairment of physical or mental health.

If an accident victim requires medical treatment, the costs will be covered by accident insurance.

  • KVG compulsory health insurance (basic/general) with accident coverage
  • Accident insurance according to the Accident Insurance Act (UVG/general)
  • Supplementary insurance with accident coverage (semi-private/private)

KVG compulsory health insurance (basic/general) with accident coverage

KVG compulsory health insurance (basic/general) also covers treatment costs for an accident if accident coverage is included. The insured person has the right to treatment, food and accommodation in the general ward of a hospital in the canton of residence. Anyone without UVG accident insurance, such as students or non-working persons, is insured under KVG basic health insurance.

Accident insurance according to the Accident Insurance Act (UVG/general)

Accident insurance according to the Accident Insurance Act (UVG/general) provides much better protection than KVG compulsory basic health insurance with accident coverage. A person insured with UVG accident insurance must not contribute by either a franchise or a deductible to the treatment costs. In addition, UVG accident insurance provides further benefits in case of accident: daily allowance, disability pension, compensation, attendance allowance and survivor’s pension. All employed individuals are in principle insured with UVG accident insurance.

Supplementary insurance with accident coverage (semi-private/private)

If you want the best possible insurance in case of accident, it pays to take out additional semi-private/private accident coverage. This guarantees you the same benefits as supplementary insurance in the case of illness.