The Hirslanden clinics are affiliate doctor clinics. This means that most of the specialists working for us are not directly employed by the clinic. They are self-employed in private practice and use the infrastructure offered by us. Essentially, you become a patient at a Hirslanden clinic by visiting an affiliate doctor accredited to the clinic, who treats you there. You will find a list of affiliate doctors on the website of the individual clinics.

Basic health insurance

For patients without supplementary insurance, terms of admission are clinic-specific and depend on the cantonal health insurance legal framework. This means that the same range of services may not be available everywhere. More detailed information can be found on the website of the respective clinic under ‘Patients and Visitors’.

Supplementary insurance

If you have supplementary insurance (private or semi-private), you can make use of the entire range of clinical services and affiliated doctors with all the benefits available.

However, some supplementary insurance policies include details that may significantly limit your options. For example, some may restrict a patient’s choice of hospital through predefined hospital lists; others limit the choice of doctor with fixed lists. If you value being treated by a doctor and a clinic of your choice, you should be careful to take out supplementary insurance with no restrictions.

Assumption of Costs

The assumption of costs depends on the nature and scope of the diagnosis or treatment. In general, one must distinguish whether an examination or treatment is medically indicated or not (such as for purely aesthetic procedures). Medically indicated tests and treatments are generally covered as insured services.

If you have appropriate insurance coverage, all consultations, examinations, surgical and other hospital services, and outpatient preparatory or finishing operations are covered by insurance and billed according to normal rates. Should the treatment not be covered by insurance (such as aesthetic procedures), all costs are usually at the expense of the patient (consultations, examinations and treatment).

Types of stay
Cases are distinguished as either outpatient or inpatient according to the length of your stay in one of our clinics. This has a direct impact on the reimbursement by the insurance company.

You are ensured rapid high-quality medical treatment and care by an emergency team in many clinics, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Insurance companies reimburse emergency care services (less franchise/deductible). Our team of physicians and emergency nursing staff will treat you regardless of insurance status.