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You have access to a comprehensive range of services at our locations in the Bern region. Get an overview of what Medbase and Hirslanden offer.

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In the event of a serious risk to life, call 144 immediately!

Hirslanden hospitals in the Bern region

Medbase centres in the Bern region

Medbase Bern main station

Parkterrasse 10
3012 Bern

Medbase Bern Westside

Sports Medical Center
Ramuzstrasse 18
3027 Bern

Medbase Bern Centre

Sports Medical Center
Schwanengasse 10
3011 Bern

Medbase Surgical Centre Burgdorf

Farbweg 9
3400 Burgdorf

Medbase Düdingen

Bahnhofplatz 2A
3186 Düdingen