Here you will find the Hirslanden Group’s current key operating and financial figures well as their development compared to previous years. You will find other key figures in the Annual Report and the Sustainability Report of Mediclinic International, to which the Hirslanden Group has belonged since 2007, and in other fact sheets in the download area on our website.

17 hospitals in 10 cantons
7 outpatient medical centres
1 genetic laboratory
>100 centres of competence
18 radiology institutes
3 digital service products
5 day case clinics
6 radiotherapy institutes
~770 000 outpatient and digital consultations

Key operating figures of the Hirslanden Group

Key figures2019/202020/212021/22Changes to 2020/21
Total turnover (in CHF millions)1'8041'7841'8856%
Number of employees (excluding employed doctors)19'91910'25110'4741%
Number of doctors (partner and employed)13'0042'7933'0666%
Patients and new mothers2107'491107'401109'6242%
Length of stay3 in days4.44.34.30%
Treatment days (daily census)579'209
Days of care (midnight census)471'717
Number of beds41'896
Bed occupancy (based on treatment days)83.50%82.80%86.20%4%
Bed occupancy (based on days of care)68.00%67.20%70%4%
Emergency admissions154'999148'641168'34313%
Inpatient emergency admissions23'547
Outpatient emergency admissions131'452123'819144'16516%

1 As of 31/03/2022
2 Inpatient admissions, excluding newborns
3 Based on midnight census
4 Average stock

Insurance mix

Within the Hirslanden Group, the patient mix consists of 51.3% patients with basic insurance, 28.2% with semi-private insurance and 20.5% with private insurance (as at 31 March 2022).

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