We believe it is important to inform our patients about their surgery and stay at the Bellaria Surgical Centre. Here you can find all essential information about your admission, stay and discharge.

For a detailed overview, we recommend our information brochure "Your stay at the Bellaria Surgical Centre" (in German).

Before the admission

Important documents

To prepare for your admission in a timely fashion, we need all of the important documents, which our patient admissions department will send to you. Please complete the following documents and return them to the patient admissions department:

  • Admission form
  • Copy of insurance policy
  • Anaesthesia questionnaire

After we have received the completed documents, for short-term inpatient procedures we will request cost approval from your health insurance provider. Please note that depending on your health insurance policy, you can expect to pay a deductible for each treatment at the Bellaria Surgical Centre.

Preparing for your procedure

To avoid delays and return home again quickly, please make sure you follow the instructions in the two sections below:

Eating and drinking
If you will be given general or regional anaesthesia, you may eat a light meal no later than midnight on the evening before your procedure. On the day of the procedure, it is important that you do not eat anything five hours before the procedure. From this point on, you may only drink clear fluids (no milk, etc.). You may drink clear fluids up to two hours before admission. Two hours immediately before admission, you must not consume anything else at all (including sweets, chewing gum or cigarettes).

If you take any medications on a regular basis, please ask your family doctor/GP whether you can take these medications on the morning before your surgery. Please bring all of your medications with you. If you have any questions (e.g. regarding diabetes medication, blood thinners, Parkinson’s medication), please call us at the Bellaria Surgical Centre: +41 44 209 25 25.


Please review this checklist to ensure you are prepared for your admission and have all important documents and items with you. Come to the reception when you arrive at the Bellaria Surgical Centre. Our nursing staff will provide you with detailed information about what will happen next. You will then be prepared for your procedure.

Please remember the following before your admission to the hospital:

  • Remove nail polish
  • Shower
  • No make-up or body care products (skin lotion)
  • No earrings, rings, necklaces or other jewellery (piercings)
  • Bring your hearing aids, glasses, contact lenses


After the procedure, you will be cared for personally by the anaesthetists and nursing staff until you are discharged. Normally, you will be sent home on the day of your outpatient procedure. The anaesthetist will decide exactly when you will be discharged. After the procedure, your relatives or whoever is accompanying you are welcome to check with our nursing staff about your current condition and time of discharge.

Please take this opportunity to ask any remaining questions. We want you to return home with peace of mind.

If you are having trouble moving or performing tasks on your own at first after the procedure, talk to your doctor about in-home assistance (home care, domestic services, etc.).

Ask for the telephone number to contact your doctor or on-duty medical staff in case of emergency after your return home.


Your attending doctor will give you a prescription for post-surgery care after your stay.

Driving after anaesthesia

By law, patients not allowed to drive a car for 24 hours after anaesthesia. We recommend planning your trip home before your procedure.

Contact in the event of complications

If you experience any unexpected complications after returning home, contact your attending doctor immediately. If you are unable to reach them, please contact us.