Here at the Bellaria Surgical Centre, you will be in the care of our experienced and motivated team of doctors, nurses and anaesthesiologists. We focus on providing professional and personalised care before, during and after your procedure. What is most important to us is that you are safe, receive expert advice and feel you are in good hands.

Our philosophy

Patient focus

Our patients come first. Providing treatment and care tailored to their individual needs is our top priority. We offer our patients expert support and advice and are here for them every day. We take our responsibility to them seriously.


Our proximity to Hirslanden Klinik Im Park and the ongoing communication with various specialists enable us to provide the highest quality of medical care and ensure our patients’ safety. In addition, we are constantly optimising our internal processes to meet the highest quality standards.


Our partner doctors meet the same accreditation requirements as those working at Hirslanden Klinik Im Park, meaning they are absolute experts in their fields. Our anaesthesia and nursing staff have many years of experience and put their heart and soul into looking after our patients. They have outstanding credentials and continuously undergo further training in specific areas to ensure they are always up to date with the latest medical advances.

Bellaria Surgical Centre in numbers


2 operating rooms
8 hospital beds
6 beds
2 single rooms
2 double rooms

Key figures

Approx. 3'100 surgeries per year
10% of these inpatient
Approx. 80 partner doctors
3 anaesthetists
Approx. 30 employees

What our partner doctors say

It is a privilege to work as a hand surgeon in the Bellaria Surgical Centre. The staff at Bellaria is not only professional – they also put the patient at the centre of a continuous chain of talented and dedicated people.
I work very closely with Bellaria and enjoy doing so. Thanks to a consistently reliable team and good infrastructure focused specifically on outpatient surgeries, workflows are precisely defined and treat the patient with the goal of maximising quality and safety. They are happy to cater to the individual needs of the patient, which is something I really appreciate about working with them.
As a attending doctor at the Bellaria Surgical Centre, I appreciate the outstanding quality in terms of organisation, infrastructure, technical team and anaesthesia. My patients appreciate the priority treatment they receive from the competent, empathetic and always-friendly nursing team, from admission to discharge.
The Bellaria Surgical Centre performs high-quality outpatient surgeries effectively and economically. A dedicated, empathetic team in the outpatient clinic and operating room ensure the optimum patient care as well as satisfied surgeons.
Having worked with Bellaria for many years, I can say that my patients here appreciate the outstanding professionalism and expertise when the undergo procedures along with the highest level of patient care – both in the areas of gynaecology and aesthetic surgery.
What I particularly appreciate about Bellaria is the courteous and patient-oriented nature of the nursing and anaesthesia team. In addition to the outstanding professionalism in medicine, they also create an atmosphere for my patients that practically fosters a sense of well-being and is able to ease any anxiety they may have. If I were a patient myself, I certainly wouldn’t go anywhere else.
I perform my outpatient surgeries at Bellaria because I know it has a competent, attentive and friendly team. For this type of surgery, it is important that patients wake up quickly from anaesthesia and be monitored and settled by the nurses before they return home safely. All this is guaranteed at the Bellaria Surgical Centre.
I’m glad that I’m able to quickly and competently operate on my patients, the majority of whom are cancer patients, at the Bellaria Surgical Centre. Every day, the team in the outpatient clinic impresses me with its speed and dynamism, including in emergency situations.