At the Klinik Im Park you can expect a well-coordinated team of doctors, midwives, nurses, health care professionals and breastfeeding counsellors. For us, the focus falls on professional and personal support before, during and after the birth. We follow clear rules regarding cooperation in the team, which is based on trust. It is our greatest concern that you feel safe, in good hands and secure with us.

Management of the maternity unit "woman-mother-child"


Franziska Vallantine

Head of maternity unit "woman-mother-child"


Sabine Kolbe

Deputy head of the maternity unit "woman-mother-child"

Certified nursing specialist


Hebamme mit Neugeborenem

Our philosophy for looking after mothers-to-be revolves around personalised professional care based on partnership that is tailored to your needs. Our team of midwives will look after you and your newborn before, during and after the birth. You can learn more about our range of courses and services here.

Nurses and healthcare professionals

Nurse Maternity Unit Klinik Im Park

Our nursing and healthcare staff will look after you on the postnatal ward after the birth. They will help you learn to recognise and respond to the needs of your baby. They will assist with breastfeeding and show you and your partner how to look after your newborn child.

Breastfeeding counsellors

Stillzimmer Geburtenabteilung Klinik Im Park

Our counsellors will deal in detail with your specific concerns and needs relating to breastfeeding. They are on hand to support you both during your stay and via outpatient appointments. Our breastfeeding counsellors are available on +41 44 209 23 00.


The safety of your child is the top priority. At our hospital, a team of experienced paediatricians is on call round the clock to look after your child. Continuity of care from your paediatrician is guaranteed, as it is normally the same doctor who looks after your baby from birth until discharge. If the birth is without complications, the first examination will take place within 24 hours after delivery. Your paediatrician will be present at the birth with Caesarean sections or if necessary.

Affiliated doctors for gynaecology and obstetrics

The system of affiliated doctors at our hospital enables you to experience the birth of your child with your own trusted doctor. Our accredited gynaecologists at Klinik Im Park offer you personal and expert support before, during and after the birth.

Maternity Unit Klinik Im Park
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