For many women, giving birth is one of the most beautiful events in life. But giving birth can also be challenging, intense and overwhelming. We make sure that you feel safe, understood and in good hands. Klinik Im Park offers you an environment and care tailored to your needs. Our medical infrastructure also ensures optimum medical care.

Our experienced midwives are by your side the whole time during the birth and give you active support. You can concentrate fully on the delivery of your child and your new role as a mother. Even in the event of a caesarean section, you will receive all-round care from your midwife until you transfer to the maternity ward.

Is the birth imminent? Give us a call.

As soon as regular contractions start, if your waters have already broken or if you feel unsafe: our midwives can be reached by phone at any time on +41 44 209 22 42. They will discuss the situation with you and assess whether it is time to enter the hospital.

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Your birth

During the birth you will be cared for by an experienced midwife and your own trusted doctor

The midwife accompanies the entire birth process and actively gives you support, even if you are uncertain or anxious. Your own trusted doctor, who has already looked after you during your pregnancy, will join you if necessary or take the lead role in the event of a caesarean section. Processes and interfaces are clearly regulated. Through regular and targeted emergency skills training, competent and safe care is guaranteed by our obstetric team even during an emergency situation. Your accompanying person is welcome to be at your side during the birth – whether it is a natural birth or a caesarean section.

You can find more information about the birth process (natural birth or caesarean section) in the brochure "How do you give birth?" (in German). You can also get advice from your gynaecologist or our midwives.

Further information about our offer

At the Klinik Im Park, the safety and well-being of the woman giving birth and the baby during the birth is paramount. Below you will find an overview of our modern infrastructure and various methods of pain relief.

Modern delivery rooms

Our premises offer a modern infrastructure and a safe atmosphere

In the maternity unit of the Klinik Im Park in Zurich, we offer you modern, state-of-the-art medical equipment. At the same time, we provide a calm and secure environment for the birth of your baby.

We have two delivery rooms and an operating theatre for deliveries by caesarean section. The modern birthing rooms are equipped with a birthing tub, a birthing island and a birthing stool. This gives you as an expectant mother various options for adopting the positions that suit you best for the delivery. Ten percent of the women having their babies at the Klinik im Park opt for a water birth. This has various advantages: These include a shorter birth time, less need for painkillers, fewer episiotomies, easier movements and less birth stress for the baby.

Have a look with our virtual tour of the maternity unit.

Integrated operating theatre

In an emergency, the distances at Klinik Im Park are short - thanks to the integrated operating theatre

The operating theatre allows short distances in case of emergency, but also more security for the woman, as the maternity unit does not have to be left during a caesarean section. In this way, bonding - the first relationship between mother and child - can be supported after birth. Your newborn baby recognises your heartbeat, your smell and your voice. He/she receives warmth and security from skin contact. The unique relationship between baby, mother and father is forged during this delicate phase.

Last but not least, the lighting concept with large LED light screens - based on the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine - offers a calming, stimulating and relaxed atmosphere for your birth.

Have a look with our virtual tour of the maternity unit.

Alternative birth support

Alternative support for birth - aromatherapy, acupuncture and other methods contribute to relaxation

Our midwives are there for you with a comprehensive range of alternative birth support. They support you with aromatherapy, homeopathy and acupuncture or run a relaxing bath for you. Conscious breathing can also be used to help you in a targeted way.

Acupuncture treatment
Acupuncture is offered to pregnant women and women who have recently given birth as a supportive treatment before and after birth. The method of facilitating birth through acupuncture has been known in China for a long time and offers a supplement to conventional birth preparation. Results of studies prove the effect of acupuncture treatment on the duration of birth. The treatment causes the cervix to mature and thus shortens the opening phase. It can also be used for pregnancy-related complaints and discomforts. Arrange an appointment

The essential oils of aromatherapy have long been used as a natural means of increasing well-being and gently relieving physical discomfort. Many midwives and aromatherapists are certain about the positive effects of beneficial fragrances during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds of a plant. They can be found in seeds, bark, stems, leaves, roots or even in flowers. They are, so to speak, the essence and soul of the plant.

Only high-quality natural essential oils are used in the Klinik Im Park. On request, we are happy to use essential oils to ease the birth process in the fragrance lamp, as a soothing poultice or as an additive in a relaxation bath.

Homeopathy has found its way into many maternity clinics. Its effectiveness has not been scientifically proven. However, the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies has been widely acknowledged by their users for many years.

Some homeopathic remedies are said to have a positive and helpful effect on pain and discomfort during childbirth, without any harmful side effects. Homeopathy is based on the body, mind and soul as the whole organism. It is based on the findings of Samuel Hahnemann (18th century physician, pharmacist and chemist).

If you trust in homeopathic remedies or would like to try them, you will find a wide range of birth-supporting globules in the maternity ward of the Klinik Im Park.

Medical pain relief

Medical pain relief - PDA, nitrous oxide and other painkillers are available to you

Sometimes natural relaxants are not enough and it makes sense and is indicated to resort to medical pain relief. We offer you a comprehensive range of different methods.

  • Self-administered painkiller Remifentanil at the touch of a button: This good-acting medical painkiller is self-directed pain relief via a syringe pump.
  • Laughing gas - painkilling effect without affecting labour: The anaesthetic gas has a painkilling effect but does not influence labour. There are no known side effects for your baby because the nitrous oxide does not enter the metabolism.
  • Spinal anaesthesia and PDA - effective administration of painkillers in the spinal area: usually known as a «walking-PDA», in this regional anaesthesia, either a single injection (spinal anaesthesia) or a thin catheter is inserted (peridural anaesthesia, PDA) under local anaesthesia in the area of the lower spine. This technique is performed by the anaesthesiologist service. 

Doula - a complementary companionship to birth

Continuous presence in the room - a benefit for everyone involved

Doula means "servant of the woman", loosely translated from the ancient Greek. She is also called "witness to birth" or simply "birth companion". This is an ancient culture that has been practised for thousands of years.

The doula does not take on any medical tasks. She cares exclusively for the well-being of the woman in labour, her partner and their needs. Together with the midwife, she gives physical as well as practical support, emotional care and encourages the mother to trustfully surrender to the birth process. The doula encourages the father-to-be in his role as a birth companion, she gives space and is respectful and helpful to the parents and the birth team.

Doulas are welcome in our maternity ward.

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