In the first few hours after the birth, in addition to endless joy and love many parents feel overwhelmed and exhausted. New parents have many impressions and emotions to process. We accompany you on this rollercoaster of emotions.

In the first few hours after the birth, you will continue to be cared for by your midwife and after about three hours you will be transferred to your room in the maternity ward. This first period is very important for the bonding between mother and child. Directly after the birth, whether by natural means or caesarean section, our midwives promote the «bonding» process and support you in breastfeeding - if desired and possible.

Breastfeeding or bottle feeding - we support you

Shortly after delivery, the baby is placed against the mother's breast to stimulate milk production. If your baby doesn't manage to drink from the breast straight away, it doesn't matter at all. Maybe it will work out at a later time. It is also possible to pump the breast milk. Initial insecurities about breastfeeding are completely normal.

Our nursing staff will support you in all aspects of breastfeeding. Our breastfeeding rooms also offer you a retreat where you can be undisturbed with your baby. There are women who cannot or don't want to breastfeed their child. Don't worry, your child will also be fine if you wean. We will advise you on all aspects of bottle feeding.

Our postpartum ward - your home for the next few days

After two to three hours, you will be transferred to your room on the maternity ward. In our postpartum ward, you have enough time to allow your body to recover and settle into the new life with your baby.

As part of postpartum care, our nurses will introduce you step by step to infant care. Together we will swaddle, bathe and care for your baby. Most rooms have an integrated baby changing unit. This means that instruction, baby care and paediatric examinations can be carried out in the comfort of your own room.

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Breastfeeding advice

Your stay at the postpartum ward

The Klinik Im Park offers you a modern infrastructure, first-class care and a wide range of services during the postpartum period - whether in the hospital or at home. You will also benefit from an experienced team of doctors, midwives and nurses and an integrated neonatal unit. The following overview lists our advantages and offers.

Different room types

In our rooms you can recover in the best possible way after childbirth

Our postpartum ward offers several different types of room. These include single rooms, comfort rooms with a comfortable sofa bed for an accompanying person, twin rooms for use with an accompanying person and family rooms. The latter offers space for the mother, the partner and a sibling. Both parents can thus be actively involved in caring for the infant around the clock from the very beginning.

In the postpartum ward, women with semi-private insurance can also use the room for their sole use at no extra charge. If new mothers have semi-private insurance, an accompanying person can also stay the night on request subject to an additional charge. Overnight accommodation for an accompanying person is free of charge for new mothers with private insurance. Here you will find all the details on the range of benefits and insurance class changes.

Versatile menu choice

Balanced dishes ensure your culinary well-being

To help you recover after the birth, we offer you balanced and healthy meals. Our hotel service staff are your contacts for all your culinary needs during your stay at the hospital.

Visits from the doctor during the postpartum period

Our experienced doctors visit you regularly during the postpartum period

Your doctor looking after you during the birth will visit you daily at the maternity ward and will be available to answer any questions you may have. Your baby will be examined by a paediatrician after the birth and at the end of your stay. Here you can find the list of our paediatricians.

Well-established cooperation with the Children's Hospital and the University Hospital Zurich

Thanks to our modern infrastructure, we can ensure the greatest possible safety for the babies. In the event of complications, rapid intensive medical care for your newborn is guaranteed. We work closely with the Children's Hospital and the University Hospital Zurich. 

Neonatal care in the hospital

In the event of an emergency our experienced team is on call

Our experienced paediatric team is always on call for your child's care and, if necessary, for emergencies. A doctor from the emergency or anaesthesia department is present in the hospital around the clock. Thanks to regular training, our team is trained in emergency situations and up to date with the latest medical developments. We organise newborn emergency skills courses for our interdisciplinary team several times a year (start4neo, Swiss neonatal resuscitation training). Get to know the paediatrician team here.

Our paediatricians and neonatologists care for newborns from 35 0/7 weeks of pregnancy. They care for babies with adjustment problems after birth, lead phototherapy for neonatal jaundice and much more. Here you can find more information about our neonatal care.

Care at home

Outpatient midwife consultations

If you wish, an outpatient midwife will visit you at home and support you in your new role as a mother. Make sure to organise outpatient midwife care before the birth. To do so, please telephone Sylvia Hunt and Irene Venier on +41 79 819 32 85.

Outpatient consultations

We offer outpatient consultations until the third week after delivery to discuss all your questions and concerns about your baby. Please make your appointment by calling +41 44 209 21 30.

Outpatient breastfeeding advice

Following discharge, our breastfeeding counsellors are also available to provide advice at outpatient consultations from Monday to Friday. Please call +41 44 209 23 00 if you wish to make an outpatient appointment for advice on breastfeeding.

You can find more information in our "Outpatient postpartum care" (in German) brochure.

Course offer

Our versatile courses for the postpartum period

Contribute to the physical and mental well-being of your baby by learning how to perform the popular traditional baby massage technique practised by the Newari people of Nepal. Whether post-natal gymnastics, pelvic floor training, foot reflexologyacupuncture treatment, low-level-laser-therapy or a consultation for Rectus diastasis – we offer you a diverse range of courses to promote your health and fitness after the birth.

Here you will find an overview of all our offers and courses.

Impressions of our maternity unit