Pregnancy is an emotional and intense time for most women. The focus is on anticipation. But fears and discomforts can also shape a pregnancy. At the Klinik Im Park in Zurich, we support you even before the birth with numerous offers and consultations tailored to your personal needs.

Information event for expectant parents - an insight and answers to your questions

At regular information events, we provide you with insights into our hospital and our comprehensive range of services. Members of our teams introduce themselves personally and take plenty of time to answer your questions. Together we will visit the maternity unit and - if possible - the delivery rooms as well as the maternity ward where you will spend the postpartum period. You should be able to feel the atmosphere of Klinik Im Park and familiarise yourself with the premises. Current dates and the option to register can be found under Courses and events.

Tour of the maternity unit - get a personal impression

In order to be more relaxed about the upcoming birth and gain confidence, visiting the premises during pregnancy can help. Please contact our midwives around an hour before you want to visit us on +41 44 209 22 42 (including at weekends).

Maternity Unit Klinik Im Park
Seestrasse 220
8027 Zürich
+41 44 209 22 26

Our services

We prepare expectant parents for the birth of their baby with courses and therapies related to birth preparation. The following offers are available to you.

Antenatal classes

Prepare yourself mentally and physically for the birth

Our childbirth preparation courses support you in preparing yourself physically and mentally for the birth. Regardless of whether you will have a natural birth or a caesarean section: the midwife in charge of the course gives valuable tips and helps to reduce any uncertainties and fears.

In order to respond even better to different needs, we offer individual and group preparation courses - also in the evenings and at weekends. We advise pregnant women to attend a birth preparation course from the 26th week of pregnancy.

Click here for our comprehensive range of courses.


Personal midwife consultation

We specifically address your individual concerns

As different as every pregnancy and birth are the questions, fears and ideas associated with it. In the midwife consultation, we address your specific concerns. We recommend the midwife consultation to every woman giving birth, regardless of the type of birth. We also offer the following services as part of the midwife consultation:

  • Soothing massages: These include foot reflexology massages and Ayurveda massages
  • Acupuncture: Our midwives are specially trained in traditional Chinese medicine. This is used not only to make the process of giving birth easier, but also to ease discomfort during pregnancy.

Midwife consultations are held every Tuesday and Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Please contact our midwives early for an appointment on the telephone number +41 44 209 22 42.

Mami Spa

Targeted treatments for your well-being

In our «Mami Spa» our midwives support you with specific offers that promote your well-being. Thanks to the medical expertise of the midwives, treatment can be individually adapted to your complaints. The offer includes Ayurveda and foot reflexology massagesKinesio taping (application of an elastic band) and acupuncture

Anaesthesia consultation

We present our pain therapies to you

Every woman experiences labour pain differently. At Klinik Im Park we offer you various types of alternative and medical pain relief. Our midwives and doctors will be happy to discuss the various options with you before the birth.

The anaesthesia consultation is conducted by telephone. Contact us by telephone on +41 44 209 22 71.