We are a specialist team of female surgeons covering various disciplines between us. By collaborating with our female colleagues we can guarantee comprehensive, cross-disciplinary treatment from the initial discussion to internal medicine support and surgical treatment all the way through to aftercare. In this we work closely with GPs.

What makes us different?

We take our time when we talk to you. We know the importance of listening to you properly, putting ourselves in your shoes, and working with you to decide on the best treatment. We take care to encourage honest and open discussion with you, and this builds trust.

Range of treatment

We offer you a broad range of modern surgery and medicine. This includes specialist visceral surgery (surgery on the abdominal organs) including proctology (surgery on the rectum/anus), gynaecology (surgery on the female reproductive organs), plastic surgery (cosmetic and reconstructive surgery) as well as cardiac and thoracic vascular surgery.

Your all-female surgical team
Witellikerstrasse 40 8032 Zurich