Patient satisfaction

Patient surveys are an integral part of quality management at the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group. This is the only way to ensure that the hospitals continually improve in meeting the needs of patients and thus increase patient benefits.

Surveys of patient satisfaction vary according to their scope and depth. While some surveys provide a global – and thus less detailed – analysis of patient satisfaction, other surveys focus on qualitative aspects. These allow patients not only to award points, but also to freely express their opinions on their experiences. Both of these survey types have their advantages, which is why the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group combines both qualitative and quantitative methods by using the “National Patient Survey” from the National Association for Quality Development in Clinics and Hospitals (ANQ) and the HCAHPS survey (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems). The answers to the few global questions asked by ANQ are combined with the detailed responses from HCAHPS to provide a comprehensive overview of patient satisfaction at the hospitals of the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group.  Another advantage of integrating the HCAHPS questions is that they also highlight the interactions between patients and nursing staff – a key aspect of patient welfare.

Since spring 2017, the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group has surveyed patient satisfaction according to the methods from Press Ganey. This supplements the “National Patient Survey” from the National Association for Quality Development in Clinics and Hospitals (ANQ), which all Hirslanden hospitals have taken part in since 2011. All other methods for measuring patient satisfaction are no longer used.

Press Ganey was selected by Mediclinic International – the parent company of Hirslanden – as a partner for all MCI platforms (Southern Africa, United Arab Emirates and Switzerland) in 2013. The goal is to establish a comparable measurement of patient satisfaction across the entire group. Measurements using the Press Ganey method have already been implemented at the hospitals in South Africa and Dubai and have proven successful.