Founded in 2008, the Quality Medicine Initiative (QMI) aims to promote quality improvement in medicine by means of innovative, efficient procedures and thus to set new standards. Now more than 250 hospitals in Germany and Switzerland are participating in the initiative and voluntarily exceeding the statutory requirements with regard to quality assurance. 

The IQM is based on three principles: measure quality on the basis of routine data, publish the results to promote transparency, and improve quality with a peer-review process. In Switzerland, quality measurement using routine data is based on the Swiss Inpatient Quality Indicators (CH-IQI). The current version of the CH-IQI includes 380 performance indicators for results, data sets and processes on more than 60 significant clinical pictures and treatments.

Because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic (lower case numbers, different case mix), in 2020, the IQM’s Board of Directors has decided not to disclose the target values for the 2021 and 2020 results that were defined in the IQM methodology on the basis of the Federal reference values, and to set aside the evaluation system for the SMR/estimated values and target values.