Our oral and maxillofacial surgery specialism is concerned with diagnosis and treatment of diseases, malformations, and injuries in the facial area. These include:


  • jaw misalignment
  • congenital malformations of the face (M. Crouzon, M. Apert, Treacher Collins syndrome, Dysostosis otomandibularis)
  • facial and basilar injuries and their consequences
  • tumours of the head and throat
  • harelips, cleft jaw, cleft palate and their consequences
  • mandibular diseases
  • consequences of dental loss, implant reconstructions
  • oral-surgery problems: malpositioned teeth, oral infections, dental cysts
  • bone tumours and bony cysts in the area of the facial skull

To train as a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery a doctor must have successfully completed courses in both dental medicine and human medicine. The actual training of a consultant in this field corresponds to that of all surgical specialisms, i.e. 2 years' general surgery and 4 years' specialist training, including 3 months' anaesthiology.

Within the Hirslanden Group, the specialist area of oral and maxillofacial surgery is covered by doctors in independent practice with access to a certain number of clinic beds. In addition, some clinics have centres (cfc Hirslanden, dental and maxillary clinic) that concentrate particularly on treating complex problems that frequently require inter-disciplinary collaboration with other specialisms.

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