Paediatricians with a Certificate of Proficiency in Paediatric Sonography have acquired comprehensive knowledge and skills in performing ultrasound examinations on children and adolescents.

Ultrasound examinations are gentle, pain-free examinations as no X-rays are used. Preference is thus given to ultrasound examinations in children wherever possible. 

A Certificate of Proficiency in Paediatric Sonography qualifies the holder to perform ultrasound examinations on various areas of the body or organs in children. These include skull examinations, examinations of the abdomen and the digestive organs, or examinations of the kidneys and urinary tract. These ultrasound examinations can diagnose, among other things, an enlarged thyroid gland or cysts in the kidneys. Ultrasound examinations in children are also used to identify deformities in the urinary tract, the genitals or in the gastrointestinal tract. 

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