Doctors with a specialist qualification in paediatrics and adolescent medicine can obtain the specialisation in neuropaediatrics.

The holders of this specialist title have acquired special knowledge of the motor, linguistic, mental and social development of children in all age groups. They have practical knowledge of conducting and interpreting developmental tests and neurological and psychological examinations in children and adolescents.

Alongside the general examination of developmental disorders, the diagnosis and treatment of neurological and neuropsychological illnesses is a main task within neuropaediatrics. This includes symptoms and illnesses such as attention deficit disorder, headaches, seizures or meningitis. Holders of this specialist title are also responsible for the specialist medical treatment of birth defects or hereditary diseases such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or malformations of the nervous system.

They work closely with other medical specialties such as neurology, child and adolescent psychiatry, and medical genetics.