Holders of the Point of Care Ultrasound POCUS Certificate can conduct focused ultrasound examinations on individual parts of organs. Mobile ultrasound devices make this possible anywhere.

Specialists holding the POCUS Certificate possess in-depth knowledge of and skills in focused ultrasound examinations. “Point of care” means that the procedure can be carried out anywhere using a mobile ultrasound device; for example, at the scene of a car accident or during a home visit.

The point of care ultrasound device is used for focused ultrasound examinations or ultrasound-guided procedures. Entire organs or body regions are not examined or evaluated, but rather only individual parts of them. A focused ultrasound is generally used to answer specific clinical questions during an emergency diagnosis, a specific examination or a procedure.

Sonographic diagnosis in emergencies, examinations of arteries or veins, ultrasound-guided vascular punctures or injections for pain treatment as well as focused examinations of muscles, joints, tendons or ligaments are a few typical use cases for the point of care ultrasound device.

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