Phlebology is a comprehensive specialty for general practitioners, internists, surgeons and dermatologists. Phlebology involves detecting and treating venous disorders and diseases of the lymphatic vessels.

This includes blood clotting, coagulation disorders, anticoagulation and fibrinolysis (dissolving blood clots). It also involves counselling patients and carrying out preventive, diagnostic and treatment measures in the field of phlebology for the following diseases:

  • thrombosis, disorders of and pathological changes to the veins and the lymph vessels of the lower limbs
  • vascular diseases and skin diseases affecting the feet and lower limbs
  • vascular examinations, with or without contrast agents (venography, MRI scans, sonography, etc.)
  • varicose veins (sclerotherapy and outpatient vein removal)
  • thromboses: prophylaxis by applying compression, bandages and socks
    treatment of ulcers and chronic wounds

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