A specialist who has already trained in general or paediatric surgery or plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery is able to further specialise in hand surgery. As part of his special training he learns all about the potential problems and injuries that can befall the hands, including congenital disorders.

The hand surgeon's particular speciality is carrying out surgical interventions on the hand. Operations are used to treat problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and for the osteosynthesis of breaks in the bones of the hand or the therapy of cuts to the hand's blood vessels, tendons and ligaments. The outcome of surgical interventions to the hand's multitude of very fine blood vessels, tendons and nerves is dependent upon a high degree of precision and dexterity on the part of the hand surgeon.

After the operation the doctor prescribes the patient with specific exercises that will help restore the function and mobility of the fingers. In so doing, the hand surgeon often works closely with a physiotherapist.


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