Homeopathy is a preventive, regenerative and healing holistic medicine. In Switzerland, homeopathy may only be practised by doctors who have undergone additional training as it is classified as a medical form of treatment.

Treatment is carried out exclusively with medicines derived from the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. Homeopathy does not essentially cure any diseases, but it does strengthen the body's ability to heal itself in the event of a mental or physical disorder. Homeopathy is used to relieve acute and chronic symptoms and can also be used to treat children. The medicines used are given in potentised (diluted) form. They are prescribed according to the law of similarity, i.e. healing like with like. Substances that cause symptoms in healthy people can thereby be used as medicines to cure similar symptoms in patients. Symptoms may indeed often worsen at the start of treatment.

In order to treat patients correctly, there is first a need to establish a basic medical history by asking about their mental and physical condition and complaints (including the family's medical history), their social environment and their current state of health. A physical examination and diagnostic investigations are then carried out, and patients are informed about other treatment options. Patients must also be advised about the limitations of homeopathic treatment and how therapy will progress (side effects etc.). Medicines are only ever selected after the patient has been thoroughly informed and are individually tailored to that patient.  

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