Rehabilitation medicine aims to restore patients' original physical and mental capabilities as quickly as possible and without permanent deficits after an illness or accident. The earlier rehabilitation starts, the likelier they are to regain their health as soon as possible.

In contrast to conventional rehabilitation, which usually follows acute treatment, early rehabilitation often starts alongside acute treatment. Acute medical therapy is seamlessly linked with appropriate early rehabilitation in specially created structures.

An interdisciplinary team consisting of specialists from rehabilitation medicine (FMH advanced training title for physical medicine and rehabilitation), occupational therapy, physiotherapy, activation therapy, nutritional counselling and social work ensures optimum exploitation of the regeneration capability of people who have fallen ill or suffered an accident. Of course, the rehabilitative measures are graduated and adapted to each patient's individual situation. Special attention is paid to their particular level of resilience, which depends on the acute illness but also on their personal regeneration capability.

Patients of all ages benefit from early rehabilitation, but especially older people, whose regeneration capability should be particularly supported due to their age. 

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