The prevention of infectious diseases and protection against infections with bacteria, viruses or fungi is an important task in healthcare.

Specialisation in Infection Prevention and Control focuses on this task and is an in-depth advanced course for physicians who have qualified as Specialist FMH in Infectology. Special expertise and skills regarding the prevention of and protection against infectious diseases are acquired with this specialisation. This includes an in-depth understanding of the microbiology of pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. It can help to better understand and combat the occurrence of infectious diseases, their frequency, routes of transmission and infection mechanisms. In this context, expertise in providing targeted treatment for infectious diseases and preventing the development of antibiotic resistance are important prerequisites for infection prevention and control.

Infection prevention also looks at isolation measures and the provision of protective equipment in the event of an outbreak of a highly infectious disease. The remit also includes hygiene measures in buildings, such as suitable ventilation equipment or water treatment in medical facilities as well as the optimisation of hand hygiene and the disinfection of medical instruments.

Holders of this specialisation are specifically trained to manage and treat patients with infectious diseases and to take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of infections.