Phytotherapy is the teaching of herbal medicine and the use of herbal medicines. Doctors who are certified in “Phytotherapy SMGP” from the Swiss Medical Society for Phytotherapy have in-depth knowledge of the mechanism of action of medicinal plants. They are familiar with the various manufactured forms of herbal medicines and their efficacy in treating disease, and use herbal medicine specifically and appropriately on their patients. Phytotherapists recognise medicinal plants in their natural form and are skilled in the preparation of herbal formulations.

They are aware of the possibilities and limits of phytotherapy in treating disease and use it where appropriate in combination with conventional medicine. Their knowledge of the chemical and pharmacological properties of the constituents of medicinal plants allows them to tailor their use of phytotherapy to each individual patient’s needs.

Phytotherapy is used, for example, in the treatment of gastrointestinal disease, cardiovascular disease, respiratory tract disease, skin disorders and urogenital tract disease, and also to treat psychological disorders and pain.

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