Marina (35 years old) is going to be a mum for the first time very soon. Here she tells us how she is preparing for the birth.

The countdown is on and you're going to become a mum for the first time in a few days – How do you feel?

I'm trying to listen to my instincts and I'm really looking forward to holding my little girl in my arms soon. I'm glad that my doctor and the midwives at Klinik Im Park are taking such good care of me, and I feel safe and comfortable.

What was the first thing that went through your mind when you heard you were pregnant?

I was positively surprised because it happened so quickly and of course overwhelmed with happiness.

How did you prepare for the birth?

I deliberately didn't do too much research online so as to remain calm and trust more in my inner strength and instincts. I was here for the birth experience information evening and decided to give birth at this hospital. Over the last few months, I have been trying out various supplementary services offered by the Mami Spa, preparing myself in this way. For example, acupuncture has helped to alleviate any discomfort and I have found the Ayurvedic massage to be very relaxing. I also took out a pregnancy gym subscription to prepare my body for the coming period. In the last few weeks, I have focused mainly on relaxing and have had weekly acupuncture treatments,  which has helped me to sleep a lot better.

Then you know all about our services.

(Laughs) That's right! It gives me peace of mind because I see a lot of familiar faces and can prepare myself even better for the birth and the time afterwards.  

We wish Marina all the best and look forward to accompanying her as she starts family life.