A rotator cuff rupture, or a torn shoulder tendon, is one of the most common shoulder injuries. Tendons can tear as a result of a fall or chronic overuse. Physiotherapy is normally prescribed. If there is no prognosis of improvement, surgery on the shoulder tendon is recommended.

Individual treatment options for rotator cuff ruptures

Patients with a rotator cuff rupture can have very different medical histories: their shoulder injury may be due to an accident, overuse in sports or simply age-related wear and tear.

For most patients, including Julia Billetter, conservative, i.e. non-surgical treatment, is adequate. Only 20 percent of patients have a serious rupture requiring surgery. Erich Steiner tells his story here. 

We offer routine procedures that are adjusted to the individual and can improve the patient’s quality of life.

Dr Atul Sukthankar
Ortho Clinic Hirslanden Klinik Im Park