I’m a passionate mother who loves to cook for her two children.
I’ve been working at Klinik Im Park for 26 years.
I like reading books and travelling with my husband.


Why did you choose your profession?

Even as a small child, I liked playing ‘nurse’ with my dolls. I discovered early on that I wanted to help people heal. So I committed myself to nursing.

What do you like about your work and what motivates you each day?

I love my job, and I particularly like the good working conditions, efficient work procedures and great working environment. My long-time, loyal colleagues keep me motivated each day because they are also always flexible every day, adjusting their shifts to accommodate our dynamic surgery schedule. This readiness contributes a lot to the harmonious atmosphere in the team.

What’s the thing about your profession?      

Before surgeries, patients often feel uncertain, anxious or even panicked. It’s our responsibility to settle them down before the procedure and to build trust. The best part of our job is when we manage to do that and then, at the end of the day, the patient goes home pain-free, content, happy and thanks us for the great care we’ve provided. Because that’s how we as nurses also go home in the evening.

What do you like about the work environment at the outpatient Bellaria Surgical Centre?

I’ve been working at Bellaria for 23 years now, which should tell you a lot about the outpatient clinic as an employer. I like the respectful treatment of employees and the helpfulness of my well-coordinated team. As employees, we feel heard and our suggestions are implemented. For example, since the renovation in 2017, my suggestion to move patients directly to the monitored berths after surgery was implemented. This means that the patient is only transferred once and looked after in the same room until discharge. As a result, the process has been simplified and shortened, which I’m very proud of. I’ll always look back fondly on that.