The Hirslanden Clinique des Grangettes Prostate Centre in Geneva brings together the expertise of Geneva's private medicine at the service of patients.

Urology specialists offer tailor-made support and personalized treatments thanks to a multidisciplinary approach. Each week, specialists meet to discuss cases and come up with a management plan.

Prostate cancer requires in-depth skills and specific support. A referring nurse and a network of partners are available to the patient throughout his journey and offer him support care and a complementary approach to the Center for Preventive & Integrative Medicine.

A centre open to all patients

All outpatient services (radiology, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, specialist consultation) are covered by basic insurance.

In the event of hospitalization, patients with basic insurance only can also be treated at the Prostate Centre and operated at the Clinique des Grangettes as part of the service mandate granted by the State of Geneva.

Symptoms of prostate cancer

Very often, prostate cancer does not show symptoms for a long time. The disease is usually detected following a blood test. 

The diagnosis is made by specialists after performing a biopsy (taking tissue samples) in different places of the gland. 

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Request a second opinion

Every patient has the right to seek a second medical opinion. This makes it possible to make an informed choice and often facilitates the decision in the event that different treatments are possible.

Our team is at your disposal for a second opinion.

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