The Clinique des Grangettes has developed extensive expertise, particularly in the field of oncology and nuclear cardiology.

Molecular imaging and nuclear medicine are functional imaging techniques. They are based on the administration of radiopharmaceuticals to evaluate certain specific functions of the body.

These radiopharmaceuticals emit radiation that can be detected by two types of cameras. Used in nuclear medicine, they are called PET (P ositron E mission T omography) and SPECT (Single Photon Emission  Computerized Tomography).

The latest generation of nuclear medicine equipment is associated with a CT scanner. This makes it possible to obtain so-called fusion images (PET/CT scan or SPECT/CT scan) that increase the localization capacity. In other words, morphological imaging is superimposed on functional imaging thus allowing better vision and understanding. 

Le Centre d'Imagerie moléculaire et de Médecine nucléaire de la Clinique des Grangettes

Has your doctor prescribed PET/CT molecular imaging, hybrid SPECT/CT imaging, conventional nuclear medicine, or outpatient therapy?

The Center for Molecular Imaging and Nuclear Medicine has a PET/CT camera and two latest generation SPECT/CT cameras for high quality imaging. This is particularly the case in oncology, radiotherapy planning, nuclear cardiology and osteoarticular imaging. The Centre is also accredited to perform outpatient therapies.

Center for Molecular Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
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