Interdisciplinary medical center dedicated to the management of diabetes.

DiaCenTRE aims to offer interdisciplinary and integrated care for people living with diabetes mellitus, especially type 1, or with metabolic disorders (hypertension, dyslipidemia, other types of diabetes, obesity, etc.).

A multidisciplinary centre

The Centre initially aims to bring together diabetologists, internal doctors, psychologists, nurse clinicians, dieticians, chiropodists, physiotherapists and sports coaches in a single place and under the same governance.

Individualized follow-up

The DiaCenTRE team meets bi-weekly, to consult on patients' situations in order to ensure individual follow-up strategies thought over time, taking into account the context and bio-psycho-social needs.


The capital letters "TRE" represent the symbolism of three poles of competence conveyed by the Centre, namely "Technologies", "Eneignement" and "Recherche".  

DiaCenTRE - House of Diabetes
Clinique des Grangettes
Building O (1st floor)
125 Route de Chêne 1224 Chêne-Bougeries
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