Breast cancer, also called breast carcinoma in medical jargon, is the most common form of cancer in women. After menopause, the risk of developing breast cancer increases. Younger women may also be affected. Screening is important because the chances of curing breast cancer are significantly better at an early stage of the disease.

What is breast cancer? 

It is a malignant tumor that develops at the expense of cells of the mammary ducts. The tumor thus proliferates abnormally and evades the body's regulatory mechanism, under hormonal influence in particular. 

A diagnosis obtained in one day

A diagnosis obtained in one day

The Geneva Breast Centre makes it possible to carry out an accurate evaluation of abnormal mammograms and to make a diagnosis in a single day thanks to an on-call system provided by the medical team.

Management of a patient

Hirslanden Clinique des Grangettes - Breast centre - patient care pathway

Technical platform

The medical team has state-of-the-art technical platforms in imaging, operating room and radiotherapy.