Our team is at your disposal to provide all the assistance required to treat patients affected by breast cancer, or to get a second opinion.

Refer a patient

Any doctor can present a case at the Multi-Disciplinary Consultation using the address comite@centre-sein-geneve.ch.

Multi-disciplinary meeting (tumorboard)

The meeting is held every Friday from 8.00am to 9.00am at the Geneva Cancer League, at 11 Rue Léchot, 1st Floor

Please fill out the form and send it attached to your request. It will be sent to the designated consultants at the Breast Centre. You will receive a confirmation of the date of the Multi-Disciplinary Consultation and the time when your case will be discussed.

You are invited to present your case personally if you wish. You can also ask the referring doctor of your choice to present it for you.

The document will then be returned to you, with a recommended course of therapy added.

Request follow-up by a breast cancer nurse

You can offer your patients the option of being contacted and monitored by one of our breast cancer nurses. They are available to organise personalised follow-up, from the time of diagnosis, and throughout treatment.

Contact the breast cancer nurses