Our team is available for any assistance required in the management of patients with prostate cancer or for obtaining a second opinion.

Referring a patient

Any physician can present a case at the Multi-Disciplinary Consultation (MDC) using the address centre.prostate@hirslanden.ch.

Multidisciplinary symposium


The conference takes place every Thursday from 13:00 to 14:00 via videoconference.

Please complete the form and send it as an attachment to your application. It will be sent to the designated consultants at the Prostate Centre. You will receive confirmation of the date of the multidisciplinary consultation and the time at which your case will be presented and discussed.

You are welcome to present your case yourself if you wish. You can also ask a referring doctor of your choice to present it for you.

The document will then be returned to you, together with a treatment proposal.

Requesting follow-up by a referral nurse

You can suggest that your patients be contacted and followed up by one of our referral nurses. They are at your disposal to organise a personalised follow-up from the moment the disease is announced and throughout the treatment.

Céline Guignon

Céline Guignon

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Ashley Machen