The members of the Prostate Centre are specialists who meet the qualitative and quantitative criteria required by the German Cancer Society (DKG, Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft). The partner doctors are specialists who work closely with the members of the Prostate Centre.


Oncologists' representative

Specialist in: Medical Oncology , General Internal Medicine

Nuclear medicine representative

Specialist in: Nuclear Medicine

Representative of radiologists

Specialist in: Radiology

Representative of the radiotherapists

Specialist in: Radio-oncology / radiotherapy


Dr Aissaoui

Docteur Souria Aissaoui


Referring Nurse

Referral nurses can provide special support, including

  • Personalized support throughout the care process.
  • A one-to-one meeting to review and discuss the important moments to come, but also to assess the expectations and quality of life goals of each patient.
  • Providing information and advice, appropriate materials regarding treatment, side effects, diet, physical activity, possible body changes and general recommendations.
  • Establishing a link with other partners such as associations, psychologists, support groups, social workers or dieticians.
Céline Guignon

Céline Guignon

2021-09-03 Portrait 1

Ashley Machen