From March 2021, the Spitäler Schaffhausen will be working together with Hirslanden in the field of cardiology, thus enabling the population of the canton of Schaffhausen to benefit from extended, high-quality care close to home as well as an affiliation with the medical network of the Hirslanden Group.

The aim of the cooperation is to further improve outpatient and inpatient medical care for the population of Schaffhausen in the field of cardiology. To this end, the Spitäler Schaffhausen are investing in a state-of-the-art catheter laboratory at the Kantonsspital Schaffhausen and in an upgrade of the existing CT machine. Together with MRI diagnostics and echocardiography, this will create a centre for medical imaging procedures in the field of cardiology. These steps will make it possible in future to carry out extensive outpatient diagnostic examinations. At the same time, it also opens up the possibility of invasive cardiology procedures at the Kantonsspital Schaffhausen.

The Herzklinik Hirslanden will provide the specialists needed for this, who will now only work in Schaffhausen or at both locations – both at the Klinik Hirslanden in Zurich and in Schaffhausen. Patients in Schaffhausen thus benefit from a broad range of examinations and treatments in the field of cardiology performed by recognised specialists from the Klinik Hirslanden and the Spitäler Schaffhausen close to home.

Patients requiring cardiac surgery or more complex invasive cardiac procedures will in future be treated as a priority at the Klinik Hirslanden in Zurich. Follow-up care is again provided at the Kantonsspital Schaffhausen. In this way, the cooperation partners ensure high-quality cardiological and cardiosurgical care for patients in Schaffhausen across the entire diagnostic and therapeutic spectrum. Arend Wilpshaar, Chairman of the Hospital Management of the Spitäler Schaffhausen emphasises: "This cooperation enables us to further strengthen healthcare for the regional population." And adds: "Cooperation in this field not only brings benefits in terms of regional health care, but also helps to ensure the highest possible quality against the background of cost developments in the health care system."

Dr Stephan Pahls, Chief Operating Officer East of the Hirslanden Group says: "We are very much looking forward to this further cooperation with the Spitäler Schaffhausen, having already informed them about our cooperation in urology in September. It shows once again that cross-institutional cooperation can promote high-quality, integrated medical care and create real added value for patients."

About Spitäler Schaffhausen

Spitäler Schaffhausen comprises the Kantonsspital including rehabilitation and transitional care, Psychiatric Centre Breitenau and the Child and Youth Psychiatry Service. Every day, our employees are committed to the health of over 100,000 inhabitants in the canton of Schaffhausen and neighbouring regions. Spitäler Schaffhausen are on the hospital list of the cantons of Schaffhausen and Zurich. Since 2006, Spitäler Schaffhausen has been organised as an "independent institution under public law". This is managed by the Hospital Council, on which the Head of the Federal Department of Home Affairs of the Canton of Schaffhausen has an ex officio seat.

About Hirslanden

The Hirslanden Group operates 17 hospitals in 10 cantons, many of which have an emergency department. It also operates 4 outpatient surgical units, 17 radiology institutes and 5 radiotherapy institutes. Together with public and private cooperation partners, Hirslanden focuses on the continuum of care and the promoting of high-quality, responsible, personalised and efficiently integrated healthcare. The Group has 2 506 affiliated doctors and 10 417 employees, 498 of whom are permanently employed doctors. Hirslanden is the largest medical network in Switzerland. In the 2019/20 financial year, the Group generated turnover of CHF 1’804 million. As at 31.3.2020, the Group had treated 107’491 patients, amounting to a total of 471’717 inpatient days. In insurance terms, the patient mix consists of 49.2% basic, 29.3% semi-private, and 21.5% private insured patients.

Hirslanden is synonymous with first-class medical care provided by highly qualified medical specialists with many years of experience. As a system provider, the Group stands out from the rest of the market: interdisciplinary medical centres of expertise and specialised institutes enable it to offer the best possible individualised treatment, even in highly complex cases. The Hirslanden Group was formed in 1990 through the merger of several hospitals. Since 2007, it has been part of the international hospital group Mediclinic International plc, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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