With effect from 1 July 2022 Niowi Näf, previously Head of Corporate Development & Innovation, will take over the newly created position of Chief Strategy Officer and will therefore join the Group Executive Committee.

Over the last eight years Dr. Niowi Näf (31) has made a significant contribution to the strategic direction of the Hirslanden Group. Initially in Klinik Hirslanden Zurich followed by various Business Development positions in the Hirslanden Group Corporate Office. Niowi Näf worked closely on the transformation of the business model from an infrastructure-provider to a system-provider, and from an affiliated doctor to a Hirslanden partner doctor system; she was also one of the team looking after the numerous mandates for highly specialised medicine (HSM) as well as cooperative agreements in teaching, advanced training and research. In addition to collaboration with universities of applied science and other universities in Switzerland, her work also included a partnership with the medical faculty of the University of Nicosia. While working on these projects Niowi Näf was awarded a doctorate on the subject of “Value-creation Chains in Swiss Acute Care Hospitals” from the University of St. Gallen.

In her role as Head of Corporate Development & Innovation which she assumed in 2021, she has been responsible for the strategic development and innovation projects of the Hirslanden Group and has provided the coordinating link with Mediclinic International, Hirslanden’s parent company. Niowi Näf was one of the leading figures in the implementation of Hirslanden’s overarching “Continuum of Care” strategy for the provision of high-quality, integrated medicine from birth to old age, from prevention to cure, both on a physical and digital level.

The many projects in this area include “Hirslanden Precise” (the centre of expertise for personalised medicine with its own genetics laboratory), “Hirslanden Digital Health” (particularly the Hirslanden app with its wide range of digital health services), the recent development of innovative insurance products in collaboration with insurance companies, as well as the digital portal “Compassana” sponsored jointly by Hirslanden, Medbase, Groupe Mutuel, Helsana and SWICA.

Hirslanden is firmly securing the future of its continuous strategic development by the creation of the new position of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Niowi Näf, who studied business administration at the University of St. Gallen which also subsequently awarded her a doctorate, will take up the new position of CSO on 1 July 2022 which also carries a seat on the Group Executive Committee with it.

“I am proud of this internal appointment. Hirslanden supports and promotes talent and paves the way for national and international careers. The healthcare of today and tomorrow is in constant need of new inspiration as well as people who are effective, capable, creative and willing to accept responsibility. I am therefore all the more pleased to welcome Niowi Näf’s promotion to the Group Executive Committee at the beginning of July” stated Daniel Liedtke, CEO of the Hirslanden Group.

About Hirslanden

Hirslanden is committed to high-quality, responsible and efficiently integrated healthcare that focuses on the needs of the individual. Working together with private and public cooperation partners, the Hirslanden Group prioritises ongoing development of the Continuum of Care concept. From birth to old age, from prevention to healing, Hirslanden is always there, both on a physical and digital level.

Hirslanden differentiates itself from the rest of the market as a service provider with first-class medical and service quality, which is guaranteed by highly qualified independent specialists with years of experience who offer excellent care and services. Interdisciplinary medical centres of expertise, specialised institutes and competent cooperation partners enable optimal, personalised diagnosis and treatment, regardless of case complexity, in both inpatient and outpatient contexts.

The Hirslanden Group operates 17 hospitals in 10 cantons, many of which have an emergency department. It also operates 5 outpatient surgery centres, 18 radiology and 6 radiotherapy institutes. The Group has 2,515 partner doctors and 11,025 employees, 551 of whom are permanently employed doctors. Hirslanden is the largest medical network in Switzerland. In the 2021/22 financial year, the Group generated turnover of CHF 1,885 million. As at 31 March 2022, the Group had treated 109,624 patients for a total of 472,301 inpatient days. The patient mix consists of 51.3% patients with basic insurance, 28.2% with semi-private insurance and 20.5% with private insurance. The Hirslanden Group was formed in 1990 through the merger of several hospitals. Since 2007, it has been part of the international hospital group Mediclinic International plc, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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