In the canton of Thurgau, the first cantonal Covid-19 vaccination centre will begin operations in Frauenfeld on 14 January. A second vaccination centre is planned from February on a ship on Lake Constance. The canton of Thurgau has entrusted the Hirslanden Group with the conception and operation of the centres.

In the canton of Thurgau, mobile vaccination teams have been carrying out vaccinations on at-risk individuals in old people's and nursing homes since 4 January 2021. Parallel to this, several vaccination centres are now being set up. After a multi-stage evaluation process, the canton of Thurgau and the Thurgau hospitals decided to work with the Hirslanden Group in setting up and operating the centres

Vaccination of particularly vulnerable persons first

Due to the limited number of vaccine doses available in Switzerland, persons aged 75 and over or people with chronic diseases who have the highest risk of a severe course of Covid-19 will be vaccinated first when the Frauenfeld vaccination centre comes into operation. Depending on the available supply quantities, the capacity will be continuously scaled up and the vaccination will be made accessible to broader sections of the population. For the time being, therefore, only doctors can register at-risk individuals for vaccination at the Frauenfeld vaccination centre. The Covid-19 vaccination is free of charge and voluntary.

Together against the coronavirus pandemic

The vaccination centre in Frauenfeld is the second vaccination centre to open its doors within a matter of weeks thanks to the support of Hirslanden. As early as Monday, a vaccination centre operated jointly by the Hirslanden AndreasKlinik and the Kantonsspital Zug began operations in the canton of Zug. "Coronavirus poses an enormous challenge for the Swiss health system. In the current situation, the best medicine is the one that prevents people from falling ill in the first place. Thanks to the increasing availability of vaccines, we now finally have the right tool to prevent infections and people from suffering. In addition to providing patient care in our hospitals, we are deliberately using our medical expertise and resources to operate vaccination centres throughout Switzerland in order to stop the further spread of this pandemic in partnership with all other players," says Daniel Liedtke, CEO of the Hirslanden Group.

With its 17 hospitals in 10 cantons, the Hirslanden Group has been actively involved in the fight against the pandemic throughout Switzerland from the very beginning. In addition to operating vaccination and testing centres, it cares for Covid-19 patients in its hospitals and supports other hospitals with staff and infrastructure.

The commitment to high-quality vaccination care through the establishment of appropriate vaccination centres is in line with the Hirslanden Group's strategy of becoming increasingly active along the entire treatment, care and advisory chain outside of acute somatic care. In particular prevention, and thus the fundamental prevention of diseases, is of special significance when it comes to improving people's quality of life. In this context, Hirslanden enters into targeted cooperation with other service providers in order to ensure comprehensive, high-quality and efficient healthcare.

About Hirslanden

The Hirslanden Group operates 17 hospitals in 10 cantons, many of which have an emergency department. It also operates 4 outpatient surgical units, 17 radiology institutes and 5 radiotherapy institutes. Together with public and private cooperation partners, Hirslanden focuses on the continuum of care and the promoting of high-quality, responsible, personalised and efficiently integrated healthcare. The Group has 2 506 affiliated doctors and 10 417 employees, 498 of whom are permanently employed doctors. Hirslanden is the largest medical network in Switzerland. In the 2019/20 financial year, the Group generated turnover of CHF 1’804 million. As at 31.3.2020, the Group had treated 107’491 patients, amounting to a total of 471’717 inpatient days. In insurance terms, the patient mix consists of 49.2 % basic, 29.3 % semi-private, and 21.5 % private insured patients.

Hirslanden is synonymous with first-class medical care provided by highly qualified medical specialists with many years of experience. As a system provider, the Group stands out from the rest of the market: interdisciplinary medical centres of expertise and specialised institutes enable it to offer the best possible individualised treatment, even in highly complex cases. The Hirslanden Group was formed in 1990 through the merger of several hospitals. Since 2007, it has been part of the international hospital group Mediclinic International plc, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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